Do You Have Questions?

Why does God allow all the bad things in this world?

That this question irritates you is understandable. But for an explanation, we’ll have to start at the very beginning. God created humans to be able to enjoy friendship with him and so that they could govern the earth. Unfortunately, we’ve handed over our right to be in God’s presence and to live in peace to Satan. We’ve done this by believing that God isn’t fair and by misusing God’s trust. Consequently, Satan became the ruler of this world. But God still wants to live together with us, and that’s why Jesus, his unique son, came into this world. He lived without fault and without ever once doing anything wrong or evil. He was innocent but was executed for us, just like in the story. He died on the cross so that we could take his place, once again enjoying a life of peace and closeness to God. However, our world is unfortunately still fallen and under the rule of Satan. It’s no question, of course God could simply crush him, but he wouldn’t solve the problem that way. This whole mess started with Satan accusing God of being unfair. If God were to simply wipe him out, that really would be unfair. No, with a tear-stained heart, he allows the fight to go on and will prove to all of creation that he really is fair and allows every individual to use their free will. After all, it’s not God who wages wars, it’s people, because we have the freedom to choose to do good or to do evil.

Then why did he give us a free will if he knew what we are capable of?

We have our free will and if we didn’t, we would be puppets and not humans. If you tell a puppet to love you, and it does because it’s only a puppet and it has to, then that’s a completely different thing than when your child tells you of her own free will and with all her heart that she loves you. He wanted to be with us and love us and to be able to experience our loving him in return.

But the Church has done so many horrible things!

That, unfortunately, is true. The Church as an institution has either murdered millions of people or had them murdered! Even today, sometimes terrible things are done in the name of the Church or in God’s name. But it is still people who do these horrible things and not God.

God could never love me!

I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but you are absolutely wrong! He loves you and is so crazy about you that he gave up his son for you. Yes, God himself died for you so that you can live. No matter what all you may have done. Whether you’ve murdered, stolen, lied, or pumped yourself full of drugs. Whether you’ve cheated hundreds of people or have fought against God himself. No matter whether you think you’re beautiful or ugly, or whether you’d rather just kill yourself. He loves you soooo much, that he died for you himself, so that you could be released from your cell.

So how can I be freed from my cell?

The door is already open. Through his death in your place, he’s already opened the door. The step to the door and out of the cell is a simple thing. You just need to accept the gift that has been given you. You just need to say to Jesus, “I’m sorry for all my offenses. Thanks that you want to forgive me for them and for dying for me so you could. I accept this gift of love for myself. Starting now, I want to live a new life with you and live in relationship with you. Thanks that from now on I can go through every day with you and that you want to be my companion. Thanks that you will be with me and guide through everything I have to face and that you will carry me through.” You can only do this yourself. You have to take the step through the door of your cell yourself.

I want to find out more.

Then contact us. We’ll be happy to help you out and support you along the way.

Who are you?

We’re a group of Christians from various churches and Christian fellowships who believe that God still heals people today and that he wants to help us holistically (see Team). If you have more questions, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to take time for you and answer further questions.

Do you pray for sick or injured people?

Yes, we do. We believe that God wants to send his children into the world with his authority to heal sick people. We’ve experienced this so often (People’s Stories).

What do you do when nothing happens?

We point out that sometimes healing isn’t visible at first, but can come later on. For example, over night, or when someone is leaving. And if no healing is observable yet, the person should let us know and we’ll be happy to pray with them again. Don’t give up! We won’t give up either!