14.08.2008: Leg grew again

Me and my friend were at my house. We were praying for each other as a young woman mentioned casually that one of her legs is shorter than the other. I wanted to pray for her and she agreed. She sat on the chair and streched out her legs. It was clearly visible that the difference was about 1.5cm. We prayed and within two minutes the difference was gone.
She’s about to become a nurse and was therefore able to mesure her legs profesionally. It really did grow!

13.09.2008: Headache dissapeared

I prayed for a woman with headache and God released her immedietely. The presure and pain in her head were suddenly gone.

14.09.2008: Ear healed

A young woman came to me and told me, that she can’t hear very well with her right ear. She realised this especially when she’s on the phone switching ear from time to time. “It runs in the family. My father and many other suffer from it, too”, she also told me. She’d be very grateful if I prayed for her! Of course, I said and did so. She immediately noticed a difference. The audiometry she took later showed that now she can hear better on the right than on the left side! God is awesome!