We’re convinced that if we want to do the things Jesus did, it won’t be enough to stay hidden behind church walls. Jesus spent time with people and met them on their own terms. It should be the love of God that reaches people.

Praying for sick people

We spend time with people on the streets and if they are sick or have disabilities, we pray for them so that they can experience God’s mercy and love.

Working with marginalized groups

We want to get in touch with social outsiders and outcasts and offer them support. For example, by giving food to people who find themselves in financially challenging situations. But also by offering to help them plan a monthly budget in order to get their finances under control. And, we just want to be friends.

Working with schools

We want to support teachers with school visits. If you have a problem in your classroom, write to us. If we see a way we may be able to help you, we’ll come.